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What do you do when you lose your key?

People sometimes lose his key. We are human, so these incidents are inevitable. What do you do when you lose your key? There are three ways to deal with this issues. Make spare keys Change the cylinder Change the key pattern without changing the cylinder 1. Make spare keys This is the most popular way to deal with losing the keys. In the U.S. or in Japan, there are many lock smiths to make spare keys. In the U.S. some hardware stores can make spare keys with a key copy machine. For instance, to make a spare key costs only a dollar. But there are problems with this. Making a spare key makes tolerance bigger. If you make a spare key from another spare key, often the new spare key doesn't work. Also that is not secure. The other person who is not your family may pick up your key and enter your house. I recommend you to change the cylinder when you lose the key. 2. Change the cylinder This is also the popular. I wrote this article
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How to receive a package even if you are busy

Can you receive a delivery package at a time? In fact, I cannot receive most of packages. That is because I am living alone and I always go home late. In Japan, nearly one of fourth packages are not received in one time. Of course that is heavy burden for delivery companies and for users. Some apartments have delivery boxes that can store the packages when the receivers are out. This is one of the our delivery box products. But not all of the apartments can have delivery boxes in some reasons. Because of the cost, space, the wide area, etc... How about your apartment? Recently, there is another solution for this delivery problem. How about using a smart lock? One of the sample is "Amazon Key" that is provided by Amazon. To see the detail, please check the site above. This concept can solve the delivery problem. Before, the lock is the tool to reject other people to enter besides you. From this poin

Interconnected Lock and apartments

Do you know about an interconnected lock? It is one type of the lock used in a front door. The interconnected lock is becoming popular in apartment constructions. I'd like to write about it's features and the reason why it is becoming popular. Appearance - integration with a handle Features - single action egress The reason of becoming popular - with fire codes 1. Appearance - integration with a handle One of the interconnected lock Interconnected locks have a single cylinder and a handle. From the inner side, they are integrated. From the outside, often they seem apart. 2. Features - single action egress To unlock the door from outside, you have to use key. From inside, you need only to push down the handle. The handle and the deadbolt are connected so that you can open the door with single action. In our words, that feature is called "single action egress". This is very different from the normal deadbolt that needs

How to Change a Cylinder lock from a door

In apartments, the manager has to change the front door keys when tenants move out or move in. Do you know how hard it is? Today, I'll write about how to change a cylinder lock. Cylinder on a door To change the key, managers have to change a cylinder from a front door lock. Let's see how to change a cylinder. In Japan, there are many types of lock. This time, I'll show the typical type of lock. 1. Take out a thumbturn cover The interior piece that you operate to lock or unlock is called "thumbturn". First, take out the cover of thumbturn. You can use a  flathead screwdriver. 2. Take out the cylinder After removing the cover, you can see the plate and screws. Remove the screws with the screwdriver. You can remove the plate and the cylinder from the door at same time. 3. Install a new cylinder After removing the plate and the cylinder, put the new cylinder into the door hole. You can fix the cylinder with fastening screws fro

Products Introducing : Memolis

Hi, I am Yuki. Today I'll write about one of our products called "Memolis". That is our most selling product in the apartment market in Japan. It has three features. Cost saving Easy to use High security 1. Cost saving In Japan, re-keying cost when a tenant moves out is from about $180 to $270 each. Some apartment owners or management companies pay for that cost.  By using “Memolis” you re-key with only buying a new key set. This will reduce the cost of the cylinders. 2.Easy to use In general, only maintenance staffs or lock smiths can do re-keying. It takes about 20 to 60 minutes to change a whole cylinder. With “Memolis”, anyone can do re-keying using only keys within a minute. 3. High security Some keys are very easy to duplicate. That is convenient for real tenants but also unsafe because bad guys can easily duplicate. Memolis key is very difficult to make a copy because of its shape and cutting. That is very secure for

Opnus Mission - “En Joyful! Security. En confort! Management.”

“En Joyful! Security. En confort! Management.” This is the Opnus mission. This sentence is grammatically incorrect and seems strange at first. But we believe this mission is valuable for every users and customers. Security is our big concern because we are the lock manufacturer. To make high security products is essential business for us. But this is not enough. The market is always changing and so are customer needs, like “Maslow's hierarchy of needs”. The locks in the past met the physiological and safety needs. We will make the locks in the future. The future locks will meet the social, esteem and self-actualization needs.

Thank you : NAA 2018 Apartmentalize

We exhibit in the NAA show, Apartmentalize 2018. The event was great success and of course many apartment owners and managers arrived at our booth. Thank you for coming to our booth. We found that many people have problems about the key management and want to solve that problem. Our mission is to solve that problems and to make additional value to their apartments. We will continue to develop our smart lock. We believe that will lead to improve the revenue for management companies.